Collaborative & Innovative

At She Know$ we understand the financial burden that many women are facing. Programs are customized to each client and range from two to eight weeks. Our dedication is to keep program costs affordable for our clients, with the client paying only $20. We are able to keep client costs low through sponsorships, donations, and grants.


Financial Coaching

Initiating change

With our personalized coaching program you will receive the tools you need for a financial peace of mind.

A few of the things we offer in our program:

  • Saving Money

  • Covering Basic Needs (housing, food, etc.)

  • Security of Income

  • Reducing Expenses

  • Debt Load

  • Credit Score

  • And more

Writing a Book

Financial Education Courses

Tackling the Issue

During your one on one meetings with a financial consultant you will gain the knowledge for financial security. We understand that each client is unique and will receive education based on individual need.

Women Holding Hands

Community Advocacy

Making a Difference

Through Fundraisers, Events, and Community Education we are advocating for Women in the community.